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My stuff + DTGT

Doing the Green Thing with My Stuff

by Admin

We loved the concept of Do The Green Thing's Waste less, Live more poster so much that we decided to give it a go! Reusing a spare My Stuff poster we … Read more...

Stuff illustration

Stuff: props or protagonists of our lives?

by Marcela Teran

Last Thursday, as part of Waste less, Live more Week (WLLM), we (the WLLM team at Keep Britain Tidy) organised a screening of the documentary My Stuff + live Q & … Read more...

dothegreenthing resize

Waste less, Live more Week

by Do the Green Thing

From Macgyver to Bear Grylls to Jack Monroe, we’ve all got a soft spot for the resourceful type. For this year’s Waste Less Live More Week, Keep Britain Tidy is … Read more...


A Corking Challenge

by Erica

So it all started with a bottle of Prosecco……. (probably a lot of plans, challenges and ideas have started out like that, or similar), a challenge for a great cause, … Read more...