What's good for
the environment
is good for us.
  • Our theme for 2013 was Better food for all
    Thanks for joining us showing that if we waste less food and eat healthily, it’s better for ourselves, other people and the planet
  • We completed the challenge!
    And many others took part too. Check out our storify to find out how it went.
  • Better food for all Conference
    What a day! Great speakers and lots of interesting discussions, check out our storify for more.

News and Views

Fayre to share logo

Fayre to Share

by Lyndsey Young

The aim of Fayre to Share is to create a network of accessible edible outdoor spaces in homes, schools, businesses and public spaces across the country where individuals can share … Read more...


The Art of Food Waste

by Alice Bradshaw

One of the inevitabilities of human life is that we all produce waste. It is an inescapable condition that our bodies turn food into waste and eventually become waste themselves.   The … Read more...

Windowsill Gardening

What if we could grow the things we eat, right here in the office?

by Joanne Jackson

I’ve discovered that the benefits of nurturing office flora are endless. Not only does office gardening provide delicious additions to a meal at no extra cost, it’ll go a long … Read more...

Andrew Nutter

Waste less, Live more Fishcakes

by Andrew Nutter

Thanks to Andrew Nutter for this delicious waste less, live more recipe... Smoked Haddock, Lancashire Cheese and Spring Onion Fishcakes Serves 4 A right thrifty recipe that could be made from scratch using … Read more...