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What could you do for Waste less, Live more Week 2014?

by Harriet Rockliff

Being resourceful at home, watching what you buy and monitoring your energy use is a bit easier when you’re paying the energy bills. But what about when you’re at work? How … Read more...


Why we live plastic free…..

by Kate Armstrong

One day a plastic bag got tangled in the tree outside my house. Months later it was still there. Next year, when the leaves fell, there it was! Looking all … Read more...

snact logo fruit

Snact – Turning waste fruit into a foodie start up

by Lyndsey Knight

Lyndsey Knight from FoodTrade chatted to Ilana Taub, co-founder of Snact, a company using food to drive environmental and social change. Ilana lives in London and is passionate about food … Read more...


Got an idea for a waste prevention project for your community?

by Admin

The Eden Project’s Big Lunch Extras programme is designed to help individuals like you make a real difference to your neighbourhood. It will help you tackle the issues that matter … Read more...