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The art of walking: pulling the plug on procrastination

by Angela Chan

Walking – through doors, alongside walls and around malls – we seem to only move our legs to reach destinations in and out of buildings. We also walk with our … Read more...


Love life, love the beach, hate waste

by Emma Whitlock

Litter is my life right now. I spend many hours a week picking litter off beaches, river estuaries and the streets and green space that surround them, with a dedicated … Read more...


Fulshaw Women’s Institute brought an unusual pop up restaurant to Wilmslow, Cheshire

by Wendy Morris

In collaboration with The Junk Food Project - Manchester they used intercepted food that would otherwise have gone to waste from supermarkets to create a wonderful array of tasty dishes … Read more...


September, the month of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

by Helen Tandy

We now live in a world of mixed messages, we are encouraged to recycle, to reduce the rubbish going to landfill but then we also live in an increasingly throwaway … Read more...