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News and Views

Tom's Green Woodworking

Everybody should carve a spoon

by Tom Bartlett

Creating handmade, personal objects for everyday use. We currently live in a throwaway society. The things we buy are designed to fail, the natural world is being priced up and sold … Read more...

Grundon Waste Management Facility

Introducing The Rubbish Collection

by Joshua Sofaer

This summer the Science Museum is doing something crazy. It is allowing members of the public to rummage through its bins, writes artist Joshua Sofaer. The Rubbish Collection is a two-part … Read more...

Fayre to share logo

Fayre to Share

by Lyndsey Young

The aim of Fayre to Share is to create a network of accessible edible outdoor spaces in homes, schools, businesses and public spaces across the country where individuals can share … Read more...


The Art of Food Waste

by Alice Bradshaw

One of the inevitabilities of human life is that we all produce waste. It is an inescapable condition that our bodies turn food into waste and eventually become waste themselves.   The … Read more...