What's good for
the environment
is good for us.


What's good for the environment is good for us.

Waste less, Live more Week brings together organisations and people to take part in activities which are good for people and good for the environment.

A different way of thinking and doing. 

We are currently living in a world that is stretched beyond environmental limits and failing to support the health and wellbeing of many. We know that change is necessary, but understand that it can only happen when we work together.

Waste less, Live more is an approach to life. It’s about rethinking how we live and making changes to reduce our environmental impact whilst improving the health and happiness of ourselves and each other.

Waste less, Live more Week runs every September. Throughout the week organisations and individuals take part in events and activities, joining the Waste less, Live more Week Challenge. Together we’ll work towards a future where people understand and actively care for one another and the environment.

Getting involved

Visit the get involved page to find out how you can take part in supporting the campaign.


Waste less, Live more week is organised by Keep Britain Tidy.