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Making Waste less, Live More a long term change.

By Molly Inglis

For the past month I have been interning with Keep Britain Tidy to assist with Waste less Live more week. I’ve really enjoyed being part of Waste less Live more, seeing the thousands that have signed up and all the great activities you’ve been doing, however today is sadly my last day in the office before I return back to university. To commemorate my time here I thought I would write a blog post on the 7 Waste less Live more challenges that I will be attempting to carry on into daily life.

  • Ditch the disposable

The dreaded bus rides, library trips and 9am lectures are always made so much easier with a cup of tea or coffee in hand. One of my favourite orders of second year however was a medium iced hazelnut latte from the coffee shop on campus; something I think has to change. To help both the environment and my bank balance this year I will be swapping my takeaway drinks for my new jar pictured below!


  • Break the bag habit

This is half to be better towards the environment, half to stop my dad asking me ‘is that another plastic bag you’ve brought’. I never intentionally buy the plastic bags; it’s always a matter of forgetting to bring one with me. To change this I will be making more of an effort to carry around with me a reusable bag. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit so we’ll hopefully see a non-plastic bag Molly in late October!

  • Getting inventive Masterchef style.

My dad was previously a chef so I’ve grown up with a love of food and cooking. Being creative in the kitchen is already something I really enjoy doing at university. However this year I want to work on improving these skills I have. My aim is to be able to start looking in the cupboard and no longer see random ingredients but to start seeing meals.

  • Plug Out

I have a pile of books sat on my desk that I’ve had on my reading list for a while; however I never seem to have the time to read them. To motivate myself to get back into reading I will be dedicating myself to switching off technology for a few hours a week. No TV, no laptop, no phone; just me, my bed and the company of a good book!

  • Make your own

Earlier in this blog post I mentioned my passion for cooking, sadly this doesn’t apply to baking. Mary Berry would not be impressed with my baking skills; I have definitely produced a few soggy bottomed goods in my time. Nevertheless I believe with a bit of practice this can be changed, below is a picture of what is probably my first ever successful bake, let’s hope I can carry this on!


  • Go For a Bike Ride

This is where I have to make a confession so brace yourselves, I can’t actually ride a bike. I know what you must be thinking when you’re reading this, what is wrong with you Molly?! My parents tried to teach me when I was younger but I was having none of it, I didn’t want to so never did. However, at 20 years of age I’ve decided this has to change, so with the help of my patient sister I will be learning how to ride a bike!

  • Go Meat Free

I’ve chosen to save the toughest challenge till last.  When I go back to university I will be attempting to cut meat out of my life, going vegetarian. This is a choice I’ve been thinking about for a long time, with vegetarianism offering various benefits to myself, the environment and of course the animals. This is not going to be an easy change; I attempted to go vegetarian last year and failed. However with some dedication I believe this change in my life is entirely possible!


About the author

Molly is a summer 2016 intern with Keep Britain Tidy who is entering her final year at Warwick University studying Sociology. She hopes after university to pursue a career in Social Research.


  • Annie Elisabeth September 23, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Great blog post Molly : )
    Good for you getting on your bike !
    I struggle on campus too.
    I’m hoping to be better prepared and less wasteful this year.
    I’ve been experimenting with vegetarian/vegan food over the summer, already doing meat free one day a week previously but I know from friends that the choices on campus aren’t great or particularly healthy, so that’s my incentive to bring in my lunch/dinner (some late lectures again this year).
    So my challenges from the year will be: (some the same/similar to your own),

    *Reuse – get a nice reusable cup to use for my uni commute morning smoothie and to top up with water throughout the day – I need to drink more, I’m rubbish at drinking enough.

    * Be Prepared – meal planning/meal prepping to bring healthy low cost food with me to campus to stay healthier, save money and using basic ingredients from the uni food co-op to support them, moving towards being a full time vegetarian/vegan.

    * Be Social – I’m starting my second year at Warwick (Social Studies – Sociology Major) and was more of a lurker than an attendee at society events and socials last year. I promise myself to go along, give things a try and meet new people.

    * No Spend day each week – buying too many non-essentials for myself (and my kids) has led to a cluttered house and too much stuff – starting the year with a clear out to donate to various charities then focus sing on a no spend day each week to hopefully start better habits.

    * Get Outside – I live in a rural village and don’t take advantage of all the lovely walks round here. My end goal is to be fit enough to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain (500 miles) when I graduate (2018) and before then the Cotswold way from Chipping Camden to Bath (102 miles) – I’ve started by doing a circular walk on the Cotswold way at winchcombe (7miles) and a local walk to the next village and back (4 miles), I plan to keep walking and maybe join a walking group.

    And I am very inspired by and shamelessly stealing your plugging out idea ! My children and I could use the extra family time when uni deadlines are looming.

    Thanks for the inspiration !

    P.S: Do you know if there are any lockers around campus for student use ?

    • Molly Inglis September 23, 2016 at 11:44 am

      Hi Annie,

      Loving all the long term changes you’re looking to make, all sound like they’re gonna do great good in the long run not just for the environment but for you and your family!

      In regards to your question about lockers around campus, I believe there may be lockers in SUHQ but I’m not certain on that I’m afraid.

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